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Start working with ZakaTech and accelerate your growth by identifying bottlenecks in your workflow and automating labor-intensive tasks.

Website Development

We develop professional website designed with analytics, SEO and web integration in mind. Our development aligns with your needs so that you generate more business online.

Lead Generation

Cut out the hassle of finding leads. We handle complex lead searching and qualification to bring you the most relevant leads so that you can focus on what your business does best.

CRM Development

Develop a comprehensive CRM that organizes, simplifies and streamlines your business process. Incorporate all of your data and processes with an easy-to-use and permission-based interface.

Work Automation

Fully automate long, tedious and repetitive tasks no matter how complex and niche they are. From automating your underwriting to replying to clients, we can make it happen.

Strategy and Architecture

Collaborate with our team to create a detailed blueprint that brings your idea to life. Get the development playbook and software architecture model necessary to kickstart your project.

Product Management

We help oversee small to medium sized teams to deliver complex projects that require agile planning and team management of all stages of the product lifecycle.

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